Every person dreams of having a child of their own. Still, at times, it doesn’t go as planned for them given random infertility or other concerns. On the other side, if you are a same-sex couple or a single parent, you cannot achieve conception via natural means.

This is where most of these couples seek the assistance of fertility doctors in Georgia to help them fulfill their desire to have children. As it happens, they may need the services of an egg donor or a sperm donor during their child-seeking journey.

Still, the big question is- in what situation do you need sperm or egg donation in Georgia, and is it permitted? what is egg donation cost in Georgia? Well, after reading the following points, you would certainly get the most appropriate answer to the same question.

Why sperm and egg donation may be appropriate for you?

egg donation cost in GeorgiaYou must know that sperm and egg donation in Georgia is completely legal and the donor doesn’t have any right to the born child as per law. Moreover, using donor eggs and sperm is a great option for anybody trying to conceive, including single women, same-sex couples, and heterosexual couples who want to grow their families.

On the other hand, if you are an intended parent and your eggs or sperm have certain issues, you may find it hard to achieve conception via natural means, or even IVF. In such cases, getting the services of a medically screened egg or sperm donor from surrogacy agencies in Georgia is highly recommended.

What is Egg donation in Georgia?

Egg donation is a process where a woman donates her eggs to another woman that intends to get pregnant via IVF or other ART procedures. Egg donors can be close friends or family members (referred to as directed donors) or complete strangers who will never interact (called anonymous donors). Moreover, the eggs which are obtained could be fresh or frozen, depending on the availability.

The anonymous donors range in age from 21 to 30 and must be in excellent physical condition. Moreover, every anonymous donor has to pass through a list of tests and diagnoses to confirm her eligibility for the donation process at Surrogacy agencies in Georgia.

The male partner will provide a sperm sample after the donor eggs have been retrieved or frozen eggs have been thawed. Besides, embryos are then created by mixing the sperm with the donor eggs in a lab dish. Post 2-6 days of embryo development, the embryo transfer is carried out by experts from a surrogacy agency in Georgia. Alternatively, the embryos might be preserved for later use.

egg donation in georgia

What Happens During Egg Donation in Georgia?

When a male partner is witnessing certain sperm abnormalities or is impacted by a serious genetic abnormality, donor sperm may be used. Moreover, donor sperm can also be used by same-sex partners or single women who want to become pregnant via surrogacy in Georgia.

You can always expect a successful conception, provided that both the egg and the sperm are viable and the recipient has undertaken the necessary procedures to prepare her uterus for transfer.

How much is surrogacy with egg donation cost in Georgia?

The Surrogacy cost in Georgia with egg and sperm donation will come to around $50000-$65000 depending on the type of program chosen by the intended parents. That said, the same cost would not include the cost of a surrogate mother in Georgia, the cost of IVF treatment, and other aspects.

How to pick the best donors for your surrogacy program in Georgia?

It depends on your particular surrogacy program in association with a reputed surrogacy agency in Georgia. Moreover, you must be sure about what qualities you want your sperm and egg donor to possess before making the selection. Many women prefer that their egg donor looks like them, however, their sperm donor should more closely resemble their male partner or themselves given the program also needs a donor due to a sperm condition.

Besides, you can define any particular characteristics you’d like your donors to have, including ethnicity, general look, hobbies, and educational attainment. Also, your needs must be met by the surrogacy agencies in Georgia, who will use their expertise and understanding to pair you with the desired egg and sperm donors.

How does the selection process work for donors in Georgia?

egg donation agency in GeorgiaFirst up, the donors have to go through an initial consultation with the representatives of the surrogacy agency in Georgia. Here, the donors will be guided and educated about every key step involved in the donation procedure.

On the other side, neither the surrogate mother in Georgia nor the donors will hold any right over the born child. Moreover, your donors should be properly screened and matched, so if your child is interested, they can learn who they are when they are 18 years old.

Initial counseling

To make sure you fully understand your rights as the intended parent, what egg or sperm donation means for you, your child, and your partner (if you have one), as well as the rights of the donors in the program, your counselor will conduct a joint session for every party during the start.

Donation Process

Proper planning and synchronization must be done by the experts from the surrogacy agency in Georgia when using egg and sperm donors. Besides, during your treatment cycle, the donors must be ready at the appropriate time so that embryos are prepared for transfer when scans show your uterine lining has expanded as a result of the fertility drugs you will take.

In the laboratory, embryos are then watched as they develop in either the normal incubators or cutting-edge EmbryoScopes if you have chosen to include this technology in your cycle. Once done, eggs from your chosen donor will be fertilized with donor sperm.

Afterward, the most fertile embryos are chosen for transfer, and if you still have any healthy embryos left over, you can freeze them for use in later rounds via cryopreservation.

Bottom line

If you are looking for the best egg or sperm donors, always look forward to connecting with a renowned surrogacy agency in Georgia. While taking care of random tasks like screening and matching of the donors, the agency will further ensure end-to-end support during your surrogacy journey.