1. Payment – Contract Day

Transportation from airport to hotel and clinic, 2 days hotel accommodations preparation, and freezing patients sperm, selection of egg donor, selection of suitable surrogate mother, providing all necessary documents, agency coordinator.

2. Payment – Egg Collection Day

Medical preparation donor for egg retrieval, egg collection, cryopreservationof embryos unlimited IVF, surrogate mother preparation for transfer.

3. Payment – Heartbeat Day

9 months of pregnancy care, vitamins, doctor checking, ultrasound, and other necessary surrogate mother expenses.

4. Payment – 30 Weeks Pregnancy

Childbirth expenses, surrogate mother payments, assistance in obtaining a birth certificate and assistance in submitting documents in the embassy for babe’s passport.

Extra expenses:

PGS (23 chromosomes check) per embryos

Additional fee for twins for surrogate mother

Cesarean in case of need as emergency

Intensive care fee in case of premature delivery / daily

DNA – according to patient’s request