The more reproductive medicine and technologies such as IVF are developed, the more it reaches and enables men and women with HIV to have children.

Whether you are looking for surrogacy for HIV positive in Cyprus or surrogacy for HIV positive in Georgia or internationally, we strongly believe that any individual from any background or walk of life deserves to have access to help and medical care. We are one of a limited number of surrogacy agencies that offer fertility services, and surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus, Georgia, and internationally including HIV sperm washing and egg donation. Happiness For You is the Best Surrogacy Agency for HIV Patients.

In the case of HIV-positive status in a man, sperm goes through a purification step. Sperm purification: sperm is mixed with a special solution and divided into 3 components (sperm, seminal fluid, and other cells) using a special technology. The virus is found in the seminal fluid and non-viable sperm cells. Then the sperm is collected and double flushed in a chemical solution to destroy HIV and other viruses.

If the result of the analysis shows the absence of the virus, then the purified sperm is mixed with the solution of artificial sperm, after which it is used in the IVF program and the surrogate program. This is how surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus works.

In the case of HIV-positive status in a woman, the first thing to do is to weigh the pros and cons and the possibility of conception with the help of donor eggs. If you have decided to participate in the program, our partner clinics will provide the necessary medical support for the successful results of this program. We can provide donors for those looking for surrogacy for HIV positive in Cyprus.

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in the future implementation of the program.

surrogacy for hiv in Cyprus
  • How to proceed with surrogacy for HIV positive in Georgia?
  • Can a surrogate mother contract HIV?
  • How may surrogacy-related HIV infection be prevented?
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How to proceed with surrogacy for HIV positive in Georgia?

surrogacy for hiv positive in cyprus

While certain myths around a quote that it is impossible for an HIV-positive person to opt for surrogacy in Georgia, the truth is completely otherwise. Fortunately, there are techniques to put your mind at ease, and developments in medicine have made the risk of HIV transmission to children greatly lessened or even eliminated.

So, we can say that HIV-positive men and women can now have and raise healthy children by collaborating with their doctors to tackle these challenges during surrogacy for HIV in Georgia. Being the best surrogacy agency in Georgia, we truly believe that every person should have the opportunity to become a parent.

This is where we employ all the required precautions and procedures to ensure that the HIV+ intending parents fulfill their wish to have children in order to protect their child and everyone else involved in the process.

Can a surrogate mother contract HIV?

surrogacy for hiv in GeorgiaIt is extremely unlikely that a surrogate mother in Georgia would contract HIV from the intended parent she is carrying for.

Even though it is physically possible for a surrogate to acquire HIV via carrying a child for HIV-positive intended parents, thousands of children have been born to people living with HIV through surrogacy without any risks and challenges.

Having said that, it’s important to keep in mind that all surrogates have the choice to abandon their journey with parents who are HIV+ if they so choose and that this medical information is always disclosed upfront in surrogacy agreements during surrogacy for HIV positive in Georgia.

Additionally, Georgia’s flexible surrogacy rules grant a surrogate mother the same rights as an Intended mother during any particular surrogacy program.

How may surrogacy-related HIV infection be prevented?

HIV cannot be transmitted through sperm; it can only do so through the seminal fluid in which sperm are located. Because of this, “sperm washing” is frequently used to help HIV-positive males have healthy, HIV-negative kids. Up until now, thousands of cases of surrogacy for HIV patients in Georgia have effectively and securely used washed sperm.

The prospective parents’ multiple semen samples must be submitted for testing if they are HIV positive. Based on the results of the tests, the same program utilizes a method to “wash” the semen, which removes the seminal fluid and maintains the healthiest sperm. As a result, using sperm in IVF is risk-free.

In addition, the surrogate can get HIV preventive therapy, which is designed to be administered without risking either the surrogate or the child.
Recommendations from experts on surrogacy for HIV in Georgia.

In case both the intended parents are HIV positive:

• Individuals with HIV should achieve continuous viral suppression to enhance their health, prevent HIV sexual transmission (AI), and—for pregnant people with HIV—minimize the risk of HIV transmission to the unborn child (e.g., two recorded measurements of plasma viral loads that are below the limits of detection at least 3 months apart).
• Both parties’ genital tracts should be examined for infections and treated as necessary before attempting conception (AII) while the process of surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus at our centre.
• Sexual activity without the use of a condom permits conception with almost no risk of sexual HIV transmission to a person without HIV if the person with HIV is receiving antiretroviral medication (ART) and has maintained viral suppression (BII).
Additional guidance may be required in the following circumstances:
• The viral suppression status of the HIV-positive person is unknown or they have not yet attained sustained viral suppression.
• There are worries that an individual who is HIV-positive may utilize ART erratically during the periconceptional period or
• The surrogacy agency would like to offer more information on how to prevent sexual HIV transmission during the preconception stage
In these circumstances, service providers may decide to provide counseling regarding the following options:
• Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to Prevent HIV During Preconception, Antepartum, and Postpartum Periods explains how providing PrEP to a partner who doesn’t have HIV reduces the risk of contracting HIV through sexual contact (AI). The spouse without HIV can decide to use PrEP while the couple seeks to get pregnant, even if the person with HIV has achieved viral suppression (CIII).
• Consider proposing condomless sex be timed to occur during the peak of fertility, or ovulation, to reduce the risk of HIV transmission and enhance the likelihood of conception.
• Maximizing efforts to prevent HIV transmission to intimate partners and unborn children while providing guidance for safer conception and pregnancy is the aim. The section concentrates on HIV prevention in the context of penile-vaginal intercourse in order to achieve pregnancy.

surrogacy for hiv positive in Georgia

How we can help?

It is advised that those considering surrogacy for HIV seek professional guidance so that safer conception methods can be customized to meet their unique needs. Therefore, you should always get in touch with a reputable surrogacy agency in Georgia like Happiness for You.

Here, we have associated with a few of the best IVF clinics in Georgia and Cyprus to bring you the best and safest methods to reach conception, even while you or your partner is HIV positive. For more information on surrogacy for HIV positive in Cyprus, Georgia, or internationally, please connect with one of our coordinators today!