Our agency cooperates with the best clinics to provide surrogacy for single men.

Our surrogacy programs for single parents in Cyprus, Georgia, and other international locations have provided joy to many clients. We’ve helped many individuals achieve the dream of parenthood through our surrogacy solutions.

It’s our privilege to assist single men in the journey of parenthood by providing surrogacy services. We take seriously the responsibility of helping single parents build their families. We do everything in our power to make sure each of our clients receives quality care and we cooperate with the best clinics for single-man surrogacy programs.

How is the process going for single men surrogacy?

The process of surrogacy for single men in Cyprus is almost similar to the process for couples. Here you can see the steps of the process:

How is the process going for single men surrogacy?

The process of surrogacy for single parent in Georgia and Cyprus is almost similar to the process for couples. Here you can see the steps of the process:

⁃First of all we need to get infectious diseases (HIV, B, C hepatitis, PRP) test results and semen analysis. It can be done in their own country and sent to us. Test results shouldn’t be any more than six months old. Our doctors check the results and give the approval to start.

⁃ Selection of egg donors for your program- Our agency has a variety of healthy and young egg donors for surrogacy for single men in Georgia and Cyprus. Our criteria for taking egg donors in our database: they should be attractive, intelligent, and healthy. We count more than 200 donors on our list.

⁃ Selecting a healthy surrogate mother- After the patient decides to move forward to a program for surrogacy for single parent in Cyprus and has completed all required fertility testing, we match them with a surrogate mother who is already qualified and who is willing to help the patients become a happy father.  All of our surrogates undergo comprehensive checks for physical and psychological health, so there is no risk that the surrogate mother is disqualified after the match.

– When a donor is selected for a program for surrogacy for single men in Cyprus, the doctor starts her checking and then stimulation. The process continues for around twelve days. The doctor collects eggs and creates embryos. After that patient can select gender by PGD test.

-Embryo transfer –  our doctor starts to prepare the surrogate mother for embryo transfer, which takes  14 to 16 days. When the endometrium is ready, the doctor performs embryo transfer to the surrogate mother, and after 12 days here comes the pregnancy test, the most emotional moment of the process.

-Pregnancy period of surrogate mother- pregnant surrogate mothers stay in our private flat and we take care of them for 9 months. Our professional staff and nurse are staying with them for 24 hours. Our coordinators keep patients updated with every check and ultrasound result.

-Baby delivery- we inform patients of the exact day of delivery, and they can start preparing for arriving in Cyprus and meet the dream of their life – a beautiful newborn baby!

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What is the law for single men surrogacy?

surrogacy for single parent in CyprusSurrogacy laws for single men are often the same as for couples, To ensure that every aspect of your surrogacy experience is successful, we will connect you with a reputable surrogacy lawyer who introduces you to the local laws.

Moreover, intended parents must know that Cyprus does not have any laws governing surrogacy in Cyprus, so anyone can easily and unhesitatingly pursue their dreams related to surrogacy. Under Surrogacy for single parent in Cyprus, a single man may use surrogacy by hiring a surrogate mother to have a child. Additionally, gestational or conventional surrogacy can be used to assist the intended parents in achieving their parental dreams.

However, gestational surrogacy is the choice of the majority of surrogacy for single parent in Georgia and Cyprus. In this kind of situation, there is no genetic connection between the surrogate mother and the child she is carrying. Moreover, gestational surrogacy typically requires two people as an additional requirement: an egg donor and a surrogate mother. So, intended parents must select an egg donor from the list provided by our coordinators and advisors to get started.

The IVF procedure is then completed with the aid of our partner surrogacy clinics. In order to create an embryo, fertility specialists at a surrogacy clinic combine the sperm and eggs of the intended father and the egg donor. Once the embryo transfer is complete, the surrogate mother becomes a carrier for your future child.

Making the process easier and smoother for you is always our priority. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Let’s start the journey together!