Surrogacy program for same-sex

Surrogacy for LGBT, Same-sex and Gay couples is always a tricky subject that requires some big debate and discussion. Let’s say you are looking for surrogacy for same sex in Georgia, we can say that a lack of fundamental knowledge about gay surrogacy in Cyprus or gay surrogacy in Georgia could have negative effects on your ability to pursue Surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus and Georgia both and may land you in some big trouble.

This is where you need to consult a legal professional that comes across with all the required knowledge and know-how regarding the surrogacy program for same-sex in Cyprus. At Happiness For You surrogacy, we got such a team of expert and experienced legal professionals that have proved their prowess in the ART domain over the years.

That said, keeping the following points in mind is really crucial as you go through your journey regarding LGBT surrogacy.

  • How does surrogacy for same-sex in Cyprus work?
  • How much does Gay surrogacy cost in Cyprus?
  • Surrogacy for same-sex in Georgia
  • How much does Gay surrogacy cost in Georgia?
  • Why we are the best?

Is surrogacy for same-sex in Georgia legal?

Surrogacy is currently only legal for straight, married heterosexual couples in Georgia. As a result, if you’re looking for gay surrogacy in Georgia, you might have to consider a better option like surrogacy for same-sex in Cyprus.

Surrogacy in Cyprus is currently unregulated. Therefore, every gay couple can fulfill their parental goals by using an egg/sperm donor and a surrogate mother in Cyprus. Furthermore, Gay surrogacy in Cyprus is going to be a feasible option for all those couples that are currently looking to realize their parenthood dreams even whilst being in a same-sex relationship in contrast to opting for gay surrogacy in Georgia.

At our partner IVF facilities in Cyprus, IVF and associated treatment methods will be employed in conjunction with the embryo transfer process to make it happen for you. That said, same-sex couples must decide who will donate the genetic material for the embryo development process. Besides, you must select a sperm or egg donor based on your own preferences and requirements.

gay surrogacy in Georgia

In the case of same-sex surrogacy (male), the intended fathers can use an egg donor or the surrogate mother’s own eggs to conceive the child during surrogacy for same-sex in Cyprus.

This egg donor may be a close friend or relative of the intended parents or someone referred by our partner egg donation agencies and banks. On the other hand, a female same-sex couple looking for a surrogacy program for same-sex in Cyprus will also need to opt for a sperm donor to get along with the IVF process. While this may sound a bit complicated to you, our experts from Happiness for You will be right by your side at every point in time.

How does surrogacy for same-sex in Cyprus work?

gay surrogacy cost in Cyprus

Intended parents must do their homework before putting their first step towards Gay surrogacy in Cyprus. Moreover, any type of surrogacy contract in Cyprus is not enforceable by law because surrogacy is not regulated there.

However, one must apply for a parental order in order to obtain custody of a newborn child. The contract does, however, have some legal weight, and the courts will abide by its terms if both parties signed it in good faith and with legal counsel.

However, everything depends on how and under what conditions the parties to that identical contract have reached an agreement. This is where getting along with a trusted and reputed name like Happiness for you can help you to a great extent during your surrogacy journey in Cyprus.

Since there are no surrogacy laws specific to surrogacy for same-sex in Cyprus, or for LGBT, Same-sex couples, consulting our family law attorney is essential. This way, your rights as same-sex couples will be protected and you can proceed along with your surrogacy journey without any worries and concerns.

How much does Gay surrogacy cost in Cyprus?

Gay surrogacy in Cyprus can be pursued given the absence of strong legislation in the country. The intended parents must, however, take a few factors into account throughout the procedure. In circumstances where starting a family would be challenging for same-sex couples, surrogacy for LGBT couples can be taken into consideration.

On the other side, the gay surrogacy cost in Cyprus will include a list of factors like the number of IVF attempts during the program, cost of a surrogate mother, medicinal costs, the cost of egg or sperm donor involved, and so on. Still, while working with us, you can rest assured of getting the most personalized program and plan right according to your specific requirements.

During your initial meeting, ask our surrogacy specialist about all your concerns and doubts, and with the help of our partner IVF clinics, we will offer you the best care and support during your surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy is by far the finest choice for gay and lesbian couples in Cyprus who want to start a family. Still, working with a trusted name like Happiness For You can help you a long way during your parenthood journey in the country.

gay surrogacy in Cyprus

Surrogacy for same-sex in Georgia

surrogacy for same-sex in Georgia

For couples, beginning a family can be a challenging and complicated process. However, LGBT+ couples often have specific problems that can be challenging to resolve without the proper legal assistance.

In many ways, LGBT surrogacy is identical to that of other couples. However, as you are ready to continue with the process, there are several decisions you need to make on a personal and legal level.

The better prepared you are when you start your parenting journey, the more you will benefit from learning about surrogacy, its advantages and disadvantages, and the Georgia laws that may affect the procedure.

Is gay surrogacy legal in Georgia? Unfortunately, only allow heterosexual and married couples embark on a surrogacy journey. There is presently no legal protection against gay surrogacy in Georgia.

However, We make surrogacy easily available to those looking for surrogacy for same-sex in Georgia through its international programs worldwide, so don’t let this be the reason you give up on your dreams.

Our biggest advantage is that we provide options for surrogacy for same-sex in Georgia internationally, analyzing each particular situation to identify the most appropriate strategy for intended parents opting for gay surrogacy in Georgia and their requirements.

How much does Gay surrogacy cost in Georgia?

If we talk about our surrogacy program for same-sex in Georgia, before proceeding to the process we will discuss with you your particular context before giving you a total package price that is detailed in writing and includes a payment schedule. The fixed total price for gay surrogacy in Cyprus covers all expenses related to paying the surrogate, egg donors, physicians, hospitals, Georgian lawyers, and local officials.

If you want to use your own embryos or a donor egg, the approximate total cost of surrogacy in Georgia is get down. For optional thing services (such as PGD) and contingencies, there is a different cost.

This overall gay surrogacy cost in Georgia includes:

  • Donor and Surrogacy agency fees
  • IVF including ICSI
  • Donor stimulation medication, screening, exam
  • All medical and hospital expenses in the hospital
  • Regular medical visits and tests
  • Standard prenatal screenings
  • Airport transfers for IPs on arrival for birth
  • Medical and hospital costs for delivery
  • Post-birth care of surrogate by doctor and clinic
  • Issue of registered birth certificate
  • Fees for standard documents
LGBT surrogacy in Georgia

Why we are the best?

At Happiness For You, we have assisted countless LGBT couples in achieving their parental goals with the help and support of our partner IVF clinics and donor agencies. As the topmost surrogacy agency in Cyprus, we take pleasure in providing you with nothing but only the best services for your child seeing dreams.

All you need to do is contact one of our client coordinators right away for a consultation!