Surrogacy in Cyprus is an attractive option for every child-seeking couple that is looking for a low-cost, yet ethical surrogacy plan to realize their parenthood dreams. That said, you must know that the country doesn’t bring along any surrogacy regulations as of now.

Furthermore, working with a reputable surrogacy agency in Cyprus, such as ‘Happiness for You’, can be extremely beneficial in this regard. By doing so, you can always stay assured of receiving the best guidance and support for your child-seeking aspirations.

Taking a sneak peek into surrogacy laws in Cyprus

Intended parents must know that Cyprus doesn’t have any regulations regarding surrogacy. So, anyone can pursue their parenthood dreams without worrying about legal complications and other issues. Moreover, the contract between the intending couple and the surrogate mother in Cyprus is legally binding and enforceable in court. All parties must agree, however, that they comprehend the treatment alternatives, the law, and the accompanying costs.

According to surrogacy laws in Cyprus, both the intended husband and the surrogate mother will be identified as the legal parents of the child born through surrogacy in Cyprus. In such instances, obtaining legal custody is crucial. Moreover, after three months period, the surrogate mother can express her readiness to be a mother or even reject parenthood, and the intended couples can then pursue legal possession of the child.

Moreover, to avoid issues with the surrogate mother, the surrogacy procedure is carried out under a contract. Hence, make sure you understand everything there is to know about surrogacy in Cyprus as it will only make your journey smoother and easier.

It is usually advised that potential parents take the services and support of a reputable surrogacy agency in Cyprus that can provide counseling throughout the entire process. This way, everything, from locating a surrogate mother to the legalities, will go much easier. Besides, our legal experts will help you in obtaining custody of your child after birth.

How to proceed with the search for a surrogate mother in Cyprus?

The process related to the search for a surrogate mother in Cyprus is quite straightforward. In most situations, prospective parents approach a family member or a friend in Cyprus to act as the surrogate mother as it unquestionably creates a high sense of comfort and trust. Moreover, there are further alternatives like approaching a trusted surrogacy agency in Cyprus like ‘Happiness For You’.

On the other side, there is a certain pre-defined criterion to select the surrogate mother. The surrogate you choose must be at least 18 years old and of reproductive age. It could be a standard selection method that involves putting the surrogate mother through a series of medical and psychological tests.

Furthermore, it is vital to take the time and thoroughly review the physical and mental health of the surrogate mother. Aside from that, the surrogacy cost in Cyprus must be revealed beforehand to the surrogate. It is advised that the surrogate must have a complete understanding of the involved test, process, and other connected factors before pursuing this alternative.

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How much is surrogacy cost in Cyprus?

Surrogacy, like any other birth-related procedure, comes at a cost. As a result, one must think about numerous aspects of surrogacy cost in Cyprus before stepping any further. That said, the entire cost structure is determined by factors such as the IVF treatment cycle, the number of tests and diagnoses necessary, and the inclusion of sperm and egg donors.

Cyprus is less expensive than other regions of Europe, making it a desirable option for intended parents looking for surrogacy treatment. Moreover, the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus includes a number of attractive alternatives such as unlimited IVF operations, surrogate selection, post-care, compensation, and surrogate care, among others.

So, in order to know the best and most affordable surrogacy plan, contact one of our surrogacy consultants today.

Regulations regarding surrogacy agreements in Cyprus

When drafting a “Surrogacy Agreement” one should exercise considerable caution because the agreement will cover a subject that is not covered by Cyprus law. Therefore, there are extremely few chances of enforcing this Agreement if something goes wrong, such as the surrogate refusing to give up the child.

The public policy implications of this Surrogacy contract and/or Agreement should be carefully studied, though, if the commissioning couple and the surrogate wish to sign such an agreement. Keep in mind that under current Cyprus law, the commissioning couple will only be required to adopt the kid if the surrogate grants her consent. Therefore, it is important to take note of the following details surrounding a hypothetical surrogacy agreement:

The rationale behind adoption, according to the Adoption Law, is that the child’s placement is based on where their “best interests” are at the time of the application. Therefore, it would be against the legislator’s policy to give equal weight to the rights of both natural parents to make a contractual decision about who should adopt the child before conception.

-The rights of one of the natural parents, specifically the natural mother, shall not be expressly destroyed by the surrogacy agreement.
-It shouldn’t ensure that a child is taken away from its mother.
-Regardless of her wishes or suitability as a mother, it should not be necessary to separate the child from its mother.
-The agreement should not sound like it’s a sale of the kid. The surrogate mother’s “reasonable expenditures” are the only ones that can be compensated for with money.

How we can help?

Cyprus is without a doubt one of the most preferred surrogacy destinations for numerous reasons. While low surrogacy cost is a big reason, surrogacy is further available here for anybody, regardless of age or gender, and provides the possibility to become parents to a healthy kid.

On the other side, Cyprus is a technologically advanced country that provides numerous benefits to people looking to start a family. This is where a Surrogacy clinic in Cyprus like ‘Happiness For You’ can ensure that everything is in order and that the intended parents have a better probability of becoming parents.

While being in this domain for over 17 years, we take pride in being known as one of the best surrogacy agencies in Cyprus. Moreover, we have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics and other experts to bring you the best out of your surrogacy journey in the country.

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