Surrogacy in Georgia has recently become a talking point given the state-of-the-art medical care and low-cost surrogacy alternatives available in the country. Moreover, given its close proximity to other European countries, numerous intended parents choose Georgia as their preferred surrogacy destination.

Still, before going any further in the same direction, we would advise you to take a little knowledge regarding what surrogacy is and how it can be useful for your parenthood dreams.

Understanding Surrogacy in Georgia

In layman’s terms, surrogacy is a procedure where a surrogate mother in Georgia will carry the child for the intended parents given the latter’s inability to conceive on their own. The surrogate mother and her child have no genetic ties (gestational surrogacy) during the procedure. On the other side, the surrogate may get payment, gifts, or any other support from the intended parents in return for this noble gesture.

That said, a woman who conceives a child for someone else or a couple is known as a surrogate mother here. For a variety of reasons, including the inability to produce children of their own, the expensive cost of bearing a kid, social pressure to have children, or the parent-child bond requiring a genetic link, intended parents may opt for surrogacy as an alternative.

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What does surrogacy laws in Georgia say ?

Since 1997, compensated surrogacy has been permitted in Georgia. According to surrogacy laws in Georgia, the surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child she delivered. Besides, only intended parents who are lawfully married and heterosexual are permitted to use surrogates in Georgia.

On the other hand, the benefit of choosing Tbilisi surrogacy clinics is that the intended parents will be the kid’s legal parents even after the child is delivered from the surrogate mother’s womb. That said, the Gestational Carrier Agreement included the compensation sum that had been agreed upon between the client and the surrogate as well as other terms and conditions, including the client’s legal rights.

Moreover, the surrogate mother and the intended parents must both sign a contract in order to keep things flowing in a smooth manner during the surrogacy procedure.

Georgia is just an amazingly diverse country.

On the small area there is a place for warm sea, majestic mountains, ancient churches and temples, ancient cities, caves, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. Choosing Georgia for an egg donation program or surrogacy program, you can be sure that you are taking the right step. Since for a large number of countries in Georgia a visa is not required (list of countries).

Also in Georgia surrogacy is permitted by law. The law states that a surrogate mother has no rights to a child after its birth. A high level of medical services is at an affordable cost. It is known that one of the first research institutes of reproductive medicine in the world was founded in Georgia. Georgian clinics have tremendous experience in the treatment of all types of infertility, state-of-the-art equipment, and first-class specialists!

Also extremely important is the surrogate mother, who will participate in your program. We have extensive experience in selecting surrogate mothers according to the individual requirements of the intended parents. Each surrogate mother is strictly selected in accordance with international standards.

Good to know information for intended parents

  • Recently, a greater number of people have started looking for surrogacy options in Georgia with the help and support of the best surrogacy agency in Georgia like Happiness For You. Moreover, many people are turning to surrogacy arrangements due to the expansion of advanced reproductive technologies and the rising need for families.
  • Surrogacy agreements offer options and solutions that were previously unavailable to adoptive parents who need help raising their child or parents who want to start a family but can’t because of their work aspirations.
  • The majority of surrogacy agencies in Georgia give their clientele specialized services and care. However, everything depends on the reputation and experience of the Georgia surrogacy center you are working with.
  • A normal surrogacy contract specifies the role and responsibility of every party involved along with an in-vitro fertilization process, which helps the surrogate mother to carry the biological child of the intending parents. After the surrogate gives birth, the intended parents receive custody of the child.
  • Given the crucial significance of the surrogacy clinics in Georgia, you must always proceed while taking the required precautions

Role of a surrogate mother in Georgia

Most of the time, intended parents choose a surrogacy program given their inability to conceive. Moreover, the intended mother may not be able to( or choose to) conceive due to certain issues including infertility, career objectives, and so forth. In order to avoid this, they decide on the best surrogacy alternatives in Georgia, in which a surrogate mother carries and delivers their child.

There are several reasons why a woman under the surrogacy in Georgia program could decide to become a surrogate mother. According to estimates for surrogacy costs in Georgia, surrogates make between $25,000 and $50,000 for each pregnancy. Many women who otherwise could not afford a decent lifestyle may also get attracted to this role.

By volunteering their time and effort in what may be an emotionally trying circumstance for the parents of such children, surrogate mothers can also give back to their communities.

For women who want to become parents without endangering their own health, the surrogacy process in Georgia is another choice. Some women might decide to use a surrogate if they have health issues or pregnancies that would be risky for them.

Over the past ten years, there has been a significant growth in the demand for surrogate moms, with many intended mothers turning to surrogacy for a variety of causes, including infertility. We are an experienced surrogacy agency in Georgia, helping Indented parents for many years.

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How much is surrogacy cost in Georgia?

Generally, the total surrogacy cost in Georgia would range from $38,000 to $64,000 (including the guaranteed surrogacy program). That said, the cost of surrogacy may vary based on the requirements and laws of the country, egg donation, the number of IVF attempts, medicines costs, complications, etc.

In Georgia, the cost of a normal standard IVF egg donor surrogacy program ranges from $35,000 to $42,000. This covers IVF, the cost of a Caucasian egg donor, and costs associated with the surrogacy itself, such as her remuneration and antenatal care, legal counsel, and surrogacy agency costs.

Still, as you will get in touch with our client coordinators, they will explain to you all the surrogacy plans and programs, best suited to your specific needs. So, you need not opt for ‘ one plan suits all’ and get benefitted from our personalized care and support all along.

Being the best and most reputed surrogacy agency in Georgia, we are committed to offering you nothing but only the best support and guidance all along your surrogacy journey. So, you can go by your child-seeking aspirations without worrying much about anything else.

To make it easier for you, we have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics, egg donor agencies, and sperm donor agencies in the country.

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