Surrogacy does come at a price and being an intended parent, you must stay prepared and ready for all the costs involved in a surrogacy program in advance. Moreover, as we talk about the cost of a surrogacy agency in Cyprus, we must take key aspects like medical insurance into consideration.

Although surrogacy is a completely safe and secure process, you may come across situations like premature birth at times. Hence, to cover up all these unforeseen situations and circumstances, you must opt for the most appropriate health insurance option.

That said, we hereby cover all the frequently asked questions related to surrogacy insurance that may come helpful during your specific surrogacy journey.

What are my available Insurance options to cover surrogacy costs in Cyprus?

surrogacy agency in cyprusInsuring your surrogacy program via a surrogacy agency in Cyprus is always the right idea to go with. However, a lot of insurance providers do not consider surrogacy within their insurance options, leaving families and their surrogates in complete dismay. Moreover, if surrogacy coverage is available, get in touch with your agent to find out what steps you need to follow to get covered because every insurance company is unique in this aspect.

Besides, most insurance companies offer coverage for the intended parent(s) and the surrogate mother in Cyprus. Hence, you must consult with the official surrogacy agencies in Cyprus to know about your available options in detail.

On the other side, you can make provisions to help reduce risks during the surrogacy in addition to health insurance, such as IVF transfer insurance, loss of organ insurance, life, and accidental death insurance, and coverage for lost wages for the surrogate mother in Cyprus.

Why surrogacy isn’t covered by many insurance companies?

In the early days of surrogacy, insurance companies paid for any pregnancy that affected the insured, irrespective of who was bearing the child. This effectively meant that all medical costs associated with surrogacy were paid. However, this treatment has lost coverage as surrogacy has grown in popularity and insurance companies have capped their provided benefits. So in this case, proper legal guidance by any surrogacy agency in Cyprus or any other country in which you are looking for surrogacy is a must.

Surrogacy is now covered by some insurance companies through supplementary coverage options, and some businesses include it in their corporate insurance policy for the well-being of their staff.

Insurance companies, on the other hand, have fought to limit coverage for surrogacy because they think the treatment qualifies as an elective medical procedure and have so limited coverage for it. The majority of patients are not surprised by this, as insurance monopolies have previously used the same justification to deny coverage for operations like cosmetic surgery, mental health treatment, and other benefits that could be considered “non-essential.”


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What kind of surrogacy insurance is best for you?

This depends on the place where the surrogacy has opted and the kind of surrogacy program one has indulged in. Moreover, in order to be covered by an insurance company, you must either have a policy of your own or be an insured person’s dependent. Therefore, if they have surrogacy coverage, the Intended Parents and the Surrogate mother in Cyprus will each need to have surrogacy-friendly insurance to pay their medical costs.

Moreover, with no regulations regarding surrogacy in Cyprus, one must connect with a trusted surrogacy agency in Cyprus for full details in the same regard. In certain circumstances, the intended parent’s health insurance would provide immediate coverage for the newborn.

Why do I need insurance for surrogacy in the first place?

Surrogacy in Cyprus is a cost-effective procedure. Moreover, a surrogate pregnancy is more complicated since it involves extra steps for egg or sperm retrieval, and embryo transfer and carries certain risks that aren’t present in regular pregnancies.

Besides, out-of-pocket expenses for unforeseen circumstances can unwontedly spike the surrogacy cost in Cyprus. Hence, to minimize any out-of-pocket risks, you should obtain the most coverage possible within your insurance plan and any supplemental insurance that may be offered.

On the other side, when considering surrogacy between the prenatal, postnatal, and postpartum periods, you may require regular medical intervention. Besides, surrogate pregnancy was formerly covered by insurance companies. Still, with time, surrogacy is no longer seen as a necessary component of an insurance plan because major insurance providers have tightened their coverage as the alternative family planning method has grown in popularity.

Can I opt for partial insurance coverage to cover surrogacy costs in Cyprus?

 surrogacy cost in CyprusYou may come through some insurance providers who are offering “partial” reimbursement for surrogacy and infertility costs. This could imply that only a portion of your expenses would be paid for the surrogacy cost in Cyprus. Although this kind of coverage is not sufficient, it is still better to have something instead of nothing on your side.

For instance, some insurance providers will only pay up to a particular amount. Even though you might not go over your coverage limit, complications or further procedures could eventually result in increased out-of-pocket costs. Another illustration is health insurance for a surrogate mother in Cyprus that pays for the pregnancy but has a lien, requiring intended parents to pay back the costs of the insurance company coverage during the start, up to a specific amount.

Which surrogacy agency in Cyprus’s insurance plan is best for me?

Numerous insurance companies have policies that expressly forbid surrogacy from being covered. Still, you have the choice to look into alternative insurance possibilities while dealing with surrogacy agencies in Cyprus.

The obvious course of action in this situation appears to be to seek additional insurance protection from an insurer that specializes in this process. Besides, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of these specific insurance policies can be high, albeit they are probably less expensive than paying cash. Moreover, the existing insurance of the surrogate mother and yours will adjust all of these costs, so discuss your policy with your representative from surrogacy agencies in Cyprus to determine your best option in this regard.

Bottom line

Being an intended parent, you must know that your surrogacy journey cannot be successful without surrogacy-friendly insurance and a good surrogacy agency in Cyprus can help you to save that extra money. Just like every instance in our lives, even surrogacy may bring some unforeseen circumstances out of nowhere.

So, cutting back on out-of-pocket expenses for medical care can help relieve a lot of stress while also ensuring the safety of your unborn child and your surrogate.  Moreover, insurance is essential since having a child through surrogacy requires extensive medical care, which can be costly.

Hence, always go for an insurance option that best suits your particular surrogacy program and related aspects.