The surrogacy process in Cyprus is similar to a standardized surrogacy treatment procedure across any part of the globe. Still, given that there are no laws related to surrogacy in Cyprus, you just had to take detailed know-how of the legal complications and obligations on your way forward. We offer surrogacy programs for single men in Cyprus.

That said, having a reputed surrogacy agency like ‘Happiness for You’ by your side, can ease down your surrogacy journey in the country to a great extent. While the Surrogacy cost in Cyprus is quite lower than in other European countries, the parents also need not worry about the expenses during their surrogacy journey.

Let’s dive in,

  • Understanding the legal guidelines related to the surrogacy process in Cyprus
  • Key considerations regarding the surrogacy process in Cyprus
  • How does surrogacy work in Cyprus?

Understanding the legal guidelines related to the surrogacy process in Cyprus

  • Even though surrogacy is unregulated in Cyprus, you must take a sneak peek at the other regulations and guidelines related to assisted reproductive techniques in the country.
  • Since there are no laws governing surrogacy or surrogacy programs for single men in Cyprus, clinics allow intended parents to transfer embryos to surrogate mothers without any issues.
  • The surrogacy contract between the intended parents and the surrogate mother is invalid and cannot be enforced in court.
  • Law 69 (I) / 2015 governs assisted reproduction in this country. This regulation covers a variety of pertinent topics, including how to behave in relation to reproductive procedures using donor gametes. It is crucial to note that the law stipulates that it is not possible to create embryos from donor gametes if there is not a couple or an infertile person who will require them.
  • The age at which a person’s natural reproductive capacity ends, which is set at 50 years of age, cannot be exceeded by the recipient of donor gametes.
  • The pregnant woman is directly awarded the motherhood of the child born through surrogacy in exchange for giving birth to the child. If she were married, her husband would be the legal father, and both the baby’s genetic make-up and the parents’ conscious intentions are not taken into consideration.
  • The surrogate mother partaking in the surrogacy process in Cyprus can express her desire to give up motherhood and place the child for adoption with the intentional parents as soon as 3 months have passed since the baby’s birth. The Intended parents can then be recognized as the child’s legal parents following a court case regarding adoption.
  • The intended parents need to take care of the surrogacy cost in Cyprus( subject to the contract agreement)

surrogacy process in Cyprus

surrogacy programs for single men in Cyprus

Key considerations regarding the surrogacy process in Cyprus

  • The intended parents will unavoidably lose custody of their child if the expectant mother decides to keep the child and refuses to renounce her legal motherhood. On the other side, egg donors are required to remain anonymous by law on both sides, and information about their appearance, ethnicity, and field of study is provided along with a brief message from the donor.
  • Moreover, the law in Cyprus permits prospective parents to select the traits of the donor without disclosing the donor’s identity.
  • In the event that the Board approves, the donor’s medical information will be kept private and only the resulting child will have access to it.
  • Each clinic will accept donors from the selected agency (with photos and family background information available), and both clinics are government certified, have the latest equipment, and are state-of-the-art. Also in case of surrogacy programs for single men in Cyprus.
  • Additionally, you have the option of freezing your embryos here and sending them overseas, to your own IVF clinic, or to a program for surrogacy in Cyprus. The advantage here is that you know that your embryos are of excellent quality, that you can choose sex with either party legally, and that you can wait one week for an egg donor.

How does surrogacy work in Cyprus?

Initial consultation

You will first connect with one of our client coordinators who will take you through every aspect and element related to the surrogacy process in Cyprus. Here, they will answer all your questions and concerns in regard to your surrogacy journey in the country.

Signing the contract

Once you are sure of proceeding further, you need to sign a contract with our coordinators mentioning every detail in regard to the surrogacy program in Cyprus. The contract would further mention the role and responsibility of every party involved during the surrogacy process.

Surrogate screening and matching

Intended parents’ can then select a suitable surrogate mother in Cyprus from the surrogate database provided by our partner clinics in the country. The surrogate will then be screened and matched as per the needs and expectations of the intended parents.

Embryo transfer

Once the surrogate has been finalized, she will then need to enter into an agreement with the intended parents. Once done, the embryo transfer procedure will take place with the guidance and support of our partner IVF clinics in Cyprus.

Claiming the legal custody

Our legal experts will help the intended parents in filing for legal custody of the born child. After having custody of the baby( and furnishing other legal and financial requirements), the intended parents can fly back to their country.

When a surrogate is single in Cyprus, the kid is regarded as both the intended father’s and the surrogate mother’s child who was born outside of wedlock. In this situation, paternity may be shown either voluntarily acknowledging the relationship or through a court order. An acknowledgment made voluntarily cannot be taken back. Since the surrogate is considered to be the natural mother in this situation, the prospective father requires her permission.

Moreover, when it comes to surrogate mother costs in Cyprus, a lot relies on the surrogacy clinic you work with there. Besides, local heterosexual couples who choose to use a surrogate in Cyprus may file an adoption petition with the court. If the surrogate provides her agreement, an adoption order may be made in accordance with Cyprus Adoption Law 19(I)/1995 (at least 3 months after birth).

At Happiness For You, we are a team of surrogacy professionals that got years of experience and expertise in the same domain. So, you need not worry about anything else while getting along with your surrogacy aspirations in the country. Connect with one of our client coordinators today for more information!

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