If you are unfamiliar with the surrogacy process in Georgia, you might feel a bit confused and skeptical about the entire procedure at the start. Still, while being associated with a trusted name like Happiness For You, you can stay assured of getting along with your surrogacy journey in a smooth and streamlined manner. We also offer Guaranteed surrogacy programs for single men in Georgia.

While our experts will stay by your side, you can go by your surrogacy aspirations in a smooth and straightforward manner. On the other side, having expert guidance will help you in tackling the complications and challenges that may arise during the course of your surrogacy journey. That said, have a look at other key components of a surrogacy agreement in Cyprus that may come crucial for your parenthood dreams.

In order to proceed with surrogacy in Georgia, you and the surrogate will sign a binding contract in front of a notary, giving you assurance regarding the key aspects of your surrogacy journey. Hence, it’s best if you get in touch with a trusted surrogacy agency in Georgia like ‘Happiness for You’ right away to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Being one of the most sought-after surrogacy agencies in Georgia, we live by our commitment to offering personalized surrogacy plans and alternatives.

Let’s dive in,

  • Who all can opt for surrogacy in Georgia?
  • How does surrogacy work in Georgia?
  • Key considerations for surrogacy process in Georgia
  • How to apply for treatment?

Who all can opt for surrogacy in Georgia?

As of now, surrogacy is only available to heterosexual couples in Georgia. So, we can say that single parents or gay couples cannot opt for a surrogacy process in Georgia. Moreover, the surrogate is also not allowed to use her own eggs. As a result, to get started, you’ll need a donor egg or donor embryo during your surrogacy journey.

In Georgia, you’ll also need to justify the arrangement with a medical reason and you will be able to demonstrate this in your application if you’ve undergone unsuccessful reproductive treatment or if you’ve been given a medical diagnosis that makes pregnancy or childbirth risky.

surrogacy process in Georgia

How does surrogacy work in Georgia?

There are certain steps involved in the surrogacy program in Georgia and here we list down the key ones in the list:

Initial consultation and sign up

The first step would involve a general one-on-one session with our client coordinators. Here, they will brief you about all the prerequisites and other key elements related to the surrogacy process in Georgia.
Moreover, the intended parents will make the initial payment at this point and further sign a contract in the presence of our legal professionals.

Finding the right surrogate for you

Once the signup process is completed, the intended parents will then pick a surrogate mother in Georgia from the available profiles with our partner IVF clinics. Apart from that, the experts from the clinics will screen the surrogate for any physical or mental health issues.

Afterward, the surrogate will be matched as per the needs and expectations of the intended parents in the presence of our client coordinator. During the meeting, the surrogacy process cost in Georgia will also be discussed in detail.

Signing the contract with the surrogate mother in Georgia

The surrogate mother in Georgia will then sign a contract with the intended parents regarding the surrogacy process in Georgia. This contract would define their role and duties in order to bring the desired success to the surrogacy arrangement.

The surrogate mother here will also give her consent regarding the embryo transfer along with every test and screening involved during the process. This contract would also mention the surrogacy process cost in Georgia and other relevant details.

Embryo transfer process

Our partner IVF clinics will ensure the administration of the embryo transfer process after ensuring the required tests and diagnosis. Once the embryo transfer is done, the surrogate mother is then been tested for pregnancy after a period of three weeks.

Upon the confirmation of the pregnancy, she will then carry the baby to term under the strict monitoring and supervision of the medical experts from our partner IVF clinics.

Achieving parenthood

The intended parents are listed as the legal parents on the birth certificate of the born child. Moreover, the surrogate mother in Georgia doesn’t have any rights to the baby she has carried. Upon the arrival of the baby, the intended parents can make the rest of the payments for the surrogacy process in Georgia and fly back home with the child of their dreams.

Key considerations for surrogacy process in Georgia

surrogacy in Georgia

• There is a certain pre-defined criterion for the surrogate mother in Georgia. Moreover, as an intended parent who lives along with a partner, you will need evidence of a long-term relationship, such as a marriage certificate, joint bank accounts, or utility bills. These documents must be authenticated with an apostille.
• A birth certificate issued in the names of the intended parents will be advantageous for them, and the surrogate will not be granted any parental rights under Georgia surrogacy law. By doing this, the procedure will be made secure and legally binding.
• You should seek immigration advice on how to leave Georgia, which will depend on your eligibility and the specifics of your departure, even if you are going back to your home country. Therefore, dealing with our legal experts is highly advisable
• Background checks on the surrogates should be done in advance by the surrogacy agency in Georgia. For this reason, before they can proceed further in the procedure, a doctor’s signature is needed. Moreover, you have the option to ask the service provider of your choice to conduct particular types of checks on your behalf.
• In many countries, it’s essential to understand health insurance, not just for you and your partner as you prepare to travel, but also for your unborn child in case any medical attention is ever required. Legally speaking, surrogate mothers are not entitled to any of the costs related to having a child.
• If you don’t have medical insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying the full surrogacy process cost in Georgia.

How to apply for treatment?

Step 1

The initial step is to contact us at +905338478248 (WhatsApp/Viber).
During the initial consultation, our coordinator will tell you every detail about the treatment. Please, feel free to contact us and ask anything you would like to know about the treatment. Contact us to ask about our surrogacy programs for single men in Georgia.

We will provide you with all the necessary information about the surrogacy programs – it’s timing, costs and possible extra costs, medical procedures, and legal aspects.

Step 2

The patient should arrive in Georgia for further medical examination. Agency “Happiness For You” will help organize your visit to surrogacy programs for single men in Georgia or any other program. In case of need, we will book tickets and a hotel. Our driver will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel and clinic where you will be treated.

Initially, the patient will need to prepare tests at our partner clinic, which will be required for the future program. We will also arrange a meeting with the surrogate mother of your choice so that you can make sure of your choice during personal communication.

Step 3

Signing of contracts: with the partner clinic where your program will be conducted, with the surrogate mother who will take part in this program and signing a contract with our agency. All contracts are made in accordance with the current Georgian legislation and contain all necessary terms and conditions, rights and obligations of the parties.

Step 4 / Next steps

We will keep you informed about all details. Upon request you will have access to all medical records related to your program. We will ensure constant communication between you and your surrogate mother. At the final phase you will arrive again to Georgia to pick up your child. Our agency will provide full legal support in processing all necessary documents.