Agency Happiness for You has successful experience in implementation of international programs of traveling donors with lots of clinics throughout the world.

Our partner clinics are located for egg donor in Georgia, Cyprus Thailand, China, Cambodia, and Cyprus. We take charge of each case in our practice and strive to make the program implementation process of traveling donors to all places as easier as possible. The traveling donor program is a wonderful chance for future parents as they can choose a donor of any nationality from our database, the country, and the clinic where the treatment will be conducted.

In each country of destination, our donors will be accompanied by Happiness for You Surrogacy Agency employee, in order to control the process of accommodation at the hotel, escort to the clinic, and support during the day of providing egg aspiration. We are very thankful to our egg donors and wish that their cooperation with us will be a pleasant experience for them. In order to ensure security during the traveling donor program implementation, our agency cooperates with leading clinics and high-qualified doctors in the field of reproductive medicine.

We help to coordinate traveling donor program implementation in order to make it as comfortable and easy as possible, allowing you to focus on the most important – starting a family and assisting to give birth to a child.

  • Why choose ‘Happiness for you’?
  • To notch egg donation services, wherever you want!
  • Pre-requisites for Travelling egg donors
  • What is the procedure for traveling egg donor selection, screening, and matching?
  • Best egg donation services, the way you want them!
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Why choose ‘Happiness for you’?

At Happiness for You, we are aware that sometimes a donation from a third party or other entity can make a significant difference in helping you achieve your parenthood goals. This is where we always ensure bringing the best practices and procedures on course to your surrogacy journey with a traveling egg donor in Georgia or Cyprus.

This is typically necessary when an intended mother opting for surrogacy in Cyprus or Georgia or any other country has certain conditions affecting the quantity and quality of eggs in her ovaries. Given the circumstances, she can experience certain problems and complications during her normal pregnancy. Therefore, in order to move on with the IVF process, we must add an egg donor to the team.

With us, you can be sure that you’ll receive comprehensive assistance with everything from gestational carrier screening to recipient or ovary and endometrial stimulation, egg donor selection, and screening, matching of the donor and recipient, post-embryo transfer management, fertilization, and embryo transfer, and egg retrieval.

We always finish the clinical and psychological assessments connected to the mid-cycle ultrasound, post-menstrual hysteroscopy, and uterine cavity measurement before the process of choosing the egg donor gets started. For the purpose of confirming that the sperm parameters are appropriate, we can also consider the sperm sample from the male partner. To talk about the medical procedures that will help with the process, you can also meet with our clinical coordinator.

To notch egg donation services, wherever you want!

egg donor bank in CyprusWe have earned the reputation of being the best surrogacy professionals that have spent years helping couples find the best-suited egg donors and surrogates. In our database, we have surrogates and traveling egg donors in Georgia, Cyprus and worldwide that will help you during your surrogacy journey in any given country. If you’re looking for frozen egg donors or a surrogate mother, we can assist you with frozen embryos, donor eggs, and every related service.

Moreover, while furnishing the given requirements, you can also become a traveling egg donor. In order to do that, you must first register with us while submitting an application. Then, we provide you with a simple method and other technological developments that will help you during the entire process.

You can be confident that you will receive the best network of medical professionals who will support you fully throughout your egg donation journey. With us, there is no commitment to accept the quote, giving you the choice to leave the plan at any moment.

Besides, It is simple to carry out the same process while fulfilling certain pre-defined requirements. Speaking of the intended parents, we offer them the best and most suitable solutions for egg donation services to reach their parenthood goals. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of egg donor profiles in our database to find the best match.

Pre-requisites for Travelling egg donors

• Must hold a valid passport
• Must be willing to travel as per the instructions and requirements of the surrogacy arrangement
• The ideal donor age range is 21 to 35 years old.
• Donors should have a healthy BMI and not be underweight or overweight.
• The reproductive system of egg donors should be in good condition, including the ovaries and ovarian reserve.
• Regular menstrual periods and healthy hormone levels are required
• Donors shouldn’t smoke or using drugs or alcohol in the past.
• IUDs and other forms of birth control are not permitted for donors.
• Should not have acquired a STI within the previous 12 months

To assess whether a donor satisfies the requirements as part of the donation process, a preliminary screening will be conducted, followed by blood and genetic tests at one of our partner clinics.

What is the procedure for traveling egg donor selection, screening, and matching?

• The regular processes must be followed in addition to certain additional steps for egg donation services at our partner IVF clinics. We collaborate with our reliable sources and partner clinics to ensure that the egg donation process is flawlessly planned and taken care of. The intended parent and donor are then matched using the data supplied by the partner clinics. Based on your preferences, the traveling egg donor is then chosen.
• The donor and recipient’s menstrual cycles are synchronized in order to fertilize the eggs and sperm at the same time. During the process, we will provide you with the necessary medical care and assistance at the same time, regardless of whether you are struggling with premature ovarian failure damage or other problems.
• The traveling egg donor in Georgia will then travel to the given country for the egg retrieval process. With the help of our partner clinics, the same procedure is then undertaken under the strict monitoring of best-in-class ART professionals.
• Once the egg retrieval process is through, the egg donor in Cyprus, Georgia is then recommended to the required bed rest for several hours. Upon discharge, the same donor will then be heading back with one of our coordinators.

Best egg donation services, the way you want them!

You may be sure that our IVF treatments using traveling egg donors and other fertility methods will be very successful in assisting you in achieving conception. With our reputable egg donation services and treatment services, we have helped numerous people across the globe in achieving conception without any complications.

We can help couples in the best way possible with these egg donation programs and possibilities if either partner has a problem that prevents them from getting pregnant.

Besides, we are a unique choice in the ART world thanks to the well-established collaboration of more than a hundred fertility specialists. When you come to us, your treatment time may also be shortened. We provide you the best egg donor in Georgia, Cyprus and worldwide.

Even under conditions of limited ovarian response, you can feel secure about the pre-screening. With our programs, you can save money while increasing your chances of getting pregnant thanks to the necessary egg donation procedure.