Our Experiences will lead you to create happy family!

We know that many questions arise in the beginning of program. Our coordinators are ready to provide you with all important information, make you feel like home and insure your journey to be smooth and comfortable. Our agency has many advantages to share with you:

  • High Success Rate – in 90% of our cases we get pregnancy.
  • Cooperate with  World Class Clinics – Accredited, ISO 9001 and internally audited.
  • The best and well knows reproductive doctors are working with us.
  • Professional and experienced team, keep in touch with patients 24/7.
  • Large database of pretty, young and healthy egg donors.
  • Personalized approach – each of you are more that patients for us.
  • We are at your service for 365 days
  • Each couple is informed with every details from the beginning till the end of the program.

You will have an opportunity to have enjoy a pleasant vacation in Georgia and Cyprus while having treatment.
We are always by your side to make your dreams come true. Contact us today to learn more.

I had  miscarriages five times so my hope had disappeared to have a child on my own. . When my doctor said that the miscarriages were caused by a genetic disorder, a new hope arose for us. It was the happiest moment  of my life when I learnt about positive pregnancy of my surrogate mother.  Now few days are left until I hold my daughter in hands. Thank you very much  my special doctor and your team.

We love you ❤️❤️❤️

Sanja + Konstantine

single parent surrogacy in CyprusSanja + Konstantine

We are from Georgia but we are Russian citizens, who left Georgia years ago. Surrogacy program is also allowed in Russia, but it is not easy to find a local Russian surrogate mother who does not smoke or drink. First of all, that is why we decided to do our program in Georgia. From the number of agencies we have chosen “Happiness For You Surrogacy Agency” because of affordable prices and professionalism. You have exceeded all expectations. Thank you for this.

L. and L.

Couple from Russia

As you might know, surrogacy is not allowed in Italy and one of my friends from Georgia told me that surrogacy was allowed there by law. “Happiness For You Surrogacy Agency” helped me to find ways to use this service. I am very grateful to the president of Georgia who gave me Georgian citizenship and I was able to take my baby back to Italy.



single surrogacy in GeorgiaCouple from Italy

Thank you doctor Katie, you have changed my life with happiness. We can hear the voice of a small baby in our family.


single surrogacy in CyprusCouple from the USA

Words cannot express how grateful we are! It’s impossible to describe in words what your team had done for our family. We will always pray for you!

T & T

Couple from Turkey

After many years of waiting, our wishes have come true. Thank you for this. Thank you, Lela. She is the best coordinator for pregnant surrogates.

Regards j. And Z.

Couple from Canada

There is so much I want to tell you my lovely ladies. Great love to you from our family. Our twins feel good. We will definitely take them to Georgia to introduce the hospitable and kind Georgian people.

surrogacy cost in CyprusCouple From Israel

I would like to thank the whole team of “Happiness For You Surogacy Agency” for the joy you have given to our family. Without your confidence we would not be able to do it.

With love P. and D.

Couple from the United Arab Emirates

Doctor Katie, you have changed my life with happiness. My happiness was unbelievable, when I first met my beautiful daughter. Thank you and your team for everything.

With love, E.G

Single Patient From USA

I really I don’t know what to say, you make my dream come true. Thanks for all. Many thanks. Hope to see you soon again to start my second program ❤️

Single Man From Bulgaria

Surrogacy agencies offer a similar service in Israel but we made a choice on “Happiness For You Surrogacy Agency”. Many of our friends have used your service and recommended us to contact you. Ms. Keti, you are the angel sent by God. Thank you very much for everything. God bless you.

Sh. and E.

Couple From UK