1. Payment – Contract Day

Transportation from airport to hotel and clinic, deposit and freezing patients sperm, preparation of female patients for IVF, preparation of contact and related documents, selection of suitable surrogate mother.

2. Payment – Egg Collection Day

Treatment with medicines for IVF program of a female patient, if necessary stimulation can be carried out in our clinic, egg collection, ICSI, fertilisation of eggs and freezing of embryos. Preparation of the surrogate mother’s endometrium for embryos transfer and the implementation of the embryos transfer.

3. Payment – Heartbeat Day

All related checking and ultrasound of surrogate mother, necessary expenses, 9 months of supervision for surrogate.

4. Payment –  30 Weeks Pregnancy

Payment for a surrogate mother, childbirth, preparation of documents for obtaining a birth certificate ,assistance in preparing documents for obtaining babe’s passport.

Extra expenses:

PGS (23 chromosomes check) per embryos

Additional fee for twins for surrogate mother

Cesarean in case of need as emergency

Intensive care fee in case of premature delivery / daily