Surrogacy in Cyprus has recently grabbed all the headlines given its low-cost, yet ethical services that have helped and supported numerous intended parents across the globe. While there aren’t any specific surrogacy laws in Cyprus, there are certain regulations in place as per the health ministry of the country.

Hence, before embarking on this most important journey of your life, we would advise you to get connected with a reputed surrogacy agency in Cyprus. Besides, you can take a detailed understanding of all the key elements and aspects of surrogacy in Cyprus by yourself.

What should I know about Surrogacy laws in Cyprus?

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The Law on the Implementation of Medically Assisted Reproduction of 2015 (69(I)/2015), aims to regulate the framework for the application of the methods of medically assisted reproduction with a way to ensure on the one hand the respect for the individual’s freedom and the right of personality and on the other hand the satisfaction of the de facto parent, establishes the legal framework that governs the process of pregnancy through a surrogate mother in Cyprus. It has been determined that the passing of the aforementioned Law will have a significant impact on Cyprus’s medical data.

Besides, the law stipulates that the interests of the child to be born must be taken into consideration when using medically assisted reproductive techniques, either by self or via a surrogacy agency in Cyprus.

The provisions of the aforementioned Law that govern surrogacy and are applicable under certain circumstances are particularly significant for Cyprus because they give couples and single people who choose to use the method of medical surrogacy-assisted reproduction the right to have a child.

According to the provisions of the aforementioned Law, medical assistance in human reproduction is only permitted to deal with infertility or to make it possible to prevent passing a serious disease to the child.

On the other side, the process of having a child through a surrogate mother involves the transfer of embryos into the body of another woman and pregnancy by that woman. Besides, it is only permitted after obtaining a court order, which is issued prior to placing the embryos in the womb of the surrogate mother, and as long as the relative approval of the Council for Medically Assisted Reproduction is previously secured. Moreover, it also requires the signing of a free-and-clear written agreement between the parties.

Obtaining the legal custody of the child

To obtain written approval, which is a requirement before the couple can go to court and ask for the issuance of a surrogacy decree, the couple who wishes to have a child through the surrogacy method must submit an application to the Council.

The Council must be convinced, among other things, that there is sufficient evidence that the woman is medically unable to conceive, that the woman offering to become pregnant is, taking into account her general state of health, suitable for pregnancy, that the eggs that will be implanted in the uterus should not belong to her but come either from the woman who wishes to have a child or from a donor, that a written statement has been signed, and that the procedure will be carried out in accordance with the surrogacy laws in Cyprus.

The required Court decree is then issued in response to a request from a couple or a single person who wants to become a parent through the surrogacy procedure. It may be subject to conditions and instructions that the court deems necessary for the decree’s effective execution and the fulfillment of the decree’s intended goals.

Why a surrogacy agreement is required?

surrogacy laws in CyprusMoreover, the Law allows for the conclusion of a written agreement between the surrogate mother and her husband, if she is married, and the legally married couple seeking to have a child or of a single person, as long as he satisfies the requirements set forth by the Law, after the issuance of the necessary court order and prior to the birth of the child.

The said contract must, in accordance with the Law’s requirements, expressly state, among other things, that the surrogate mother will not be the child’s biological parent, giving up her parental rights in the process, and that she will immediately transfer custody of the child to the couple with whom she entered into the contract after the child is born.

Moreover, right from the embryo transfer stage, the couple who has signed the agreement is assumed to be its parents, and as such, they have all the rights and obligations that come with that status.

How much is surrogacy cost in Cyprus?

surrogacy agency in CyprusSurrogacy cost in Cyprus is way lower than in other European countries around and this comes as the main reason why numerous medical tourists visit this country in order to realize their parenthood dreams. Still, a lot goes into the entire process and this is where, before taking any further action, one must consider all the factors and elements in the same regard.

Moreover, the IVF treatment cycle, the number of tests and diagnoses required, and the use of sperm and egg donors all play a role in determining the overall structure related to the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a desirable option for intended parents looking into surrogacy because it is less expensive than other parts of Europe. Additionally, there are a number of appealing alternatives included in the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus, including unlimited IVF procedures, surrogate selection, post-care, compensation, and surrogate care.

Furthermore, the cost of hiring a surrogacy agency in Cyprus would also be included in the same package. While many agencies promise to deliver the best services at cheaper prices, always check and verify the same claims before putting it a step further.

Surrogacy in Cyprus is an ideal option for every child-seeking parent around. Still, given the procedures around, one must take the best legal advice or simply connect with the best surrogacy clinic in Cyprus.