In this article, we will talk about the Cheapest Surrogacy countries for surrogacy, the Surrogacy cost in Cyprus, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, the Surrogacy cost in Georgia, and the cost of other affordable countries.

Surrogacy is the most beautiful option for completing a family if you are a single parent or a same-sex couple. In this surrogacy arrangement, both the single parent and the same-sex couple require an egg donor or a sperm donor (in the case of a single woman) and a surrogate to carry their baby.

Surrogacy generally opts when a couple cannot have a child under normal circumstances.  Since this setup requires a lot of steps, and some legal restrictions, couples usually worry about how will it go and what will be the costs involved in this entire surrogacy process. So let us know more about some cheap and affordable countries for surrogacy.

In this article we will cover:

  1. What steps are involved in the surrogacy process
  2. Why is the surrogacy process costly in some places and affordable in others
  3. Top cheapest countries for Surrogacy
  4. Surrogacy cost in Georgia
  5. Surrogacy cost in Cyprus


cheapest countries for surrogacy

Surrogacy arrangement requires legal and other complex considerations. Therefore, in choosing a suitable country that has also affordable surrogacy costs, all these details must be considered.

For example, a country that has grown popular in recent years as a low-cost country in surrogacy is Georgia or surrogacy in Cyprus. On the other hand, India, Italy, and Thailand were other popular countries in this field. Nevertheless, in recent years, this method has been banned in them due to several reasons.

Besides high cost, surrogacy is a complicated procedure both in terms of legal restrictions, emotional ups and downs, and medical success rates.

What are the steps involved in the surrogacy process?

Surrogacy is a process that is chosen by a couple to have a baby when it’s naturally not possible.

surrogacy cost in GeorgiaSurrogacy involves the following steps:

  1. Getting educated about surrogacy by your surrogacy agency: In this, agency plays a very vital role in educating you about this process. This phase is crucial as if you do not get a good consultation, you might as well turn down the plan of going ahead. But we at Happiness for your surrogacy guide you through this and make It the most memorable part of your life. We know it’s important for you and so it is as important for us as a surrogacy agency.
  2. Choosing an IVF clinic: Next step is to finalize a clinic to perform IVF and thus create an embryo that will be implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. Choosing the best IVF clinic with great success rates is very important as it’s the main step in this journey.
  3. Donating your samples: In this, the male and the female partner go ahead with their sample collection to their IVF clinic. Sperm donation is less time taking than egg donation. Egg donation requires some medications that are given to the female, it is called ovarian stimulation which is done to retrieve eggs.
  4. Preparing the embryo: Once the samples are received, they are transfused to form an embryo in the lab. This embryo is now ready to be placed into the carrier’s uterus.
  5. Embryo transfer: The formed embryo is now transferred to the surrogate’s uterus, after which the normal pregnancy phase goes on for the surrogate.

Why is the surrogacy process costly in some places and affordable in others?

Surrogacy process costs largely depend on two major criteria:

  1. Location for surrogacy: Surrogacy costs largely vary on this basis as this decides the compensation of the surrogate mother. Where she is placed and are cost of living in that country is the main factor for this change in the costs everywhere. Also, the countries that have strict laws have a slightly higher price for the entire process.
  2. The medical procedure of that country: Just like the standard of living, the medical offerings and services also affect the cost of surrogacy in various countries.

Top cheapest country for surrogacy

Surrogacy in Georgia:

Surrogacy in Georgia is said to be the cheapest for couples who are wanting to pay the lowest amount of money for this process. Although this process is not about spending less or more, the cost is what it is but some amenities get cut off in these countries as compared to bigger and posher countries like USA and Canada. Georgia offers the lowest medical expenditure and legal implications to the intended parents.

Surrogacy in Cyprus:

Surrogacy in Cyprus is also one of the cheapest countries for surrogacy in Europe. This country also offers cheap medical services as compared to the bigger countries that have more options. When looking out for an option for cheap surrogacy services what options does a couple have? Will my surrogate be healthy? Will I get a good donor? Will I get all services in that country? Is that country reasonable to visit? Are the medical practices in the country safe and reliable?

Cyprus ticks mark all these questions in one go. It also offers sex selection which makes it one of the rare countries to offer such services. The economy and legislation in Cyprus are both very convincing to take the process further. The cost of surrogacy in Cyprus varies based on the type of package opted for by the couple that depends directly on their medical conditions along with the guarantee plans if they wish to opt.

Surrogacy in Ukraine:

Surrogacy in Ukraine is again one of the best options for surrogacy. All types of surrogacy plans have their cost directly linked to the medical condition of the couple plus if they wish to have a guarantee plan or not. So ideally the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine lies between $50,000 to $80,000.

surrogacy cost in Cyprus

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